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Proud to be a U.S. Marine

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I joined the Marine Corps on 12 Jun 89, and that was the beginning of a great adventure for this ole country boy. As I road that Greyhound bus from Winston-Salem, NC southward to Parris Island, SC. I had no clue what lay in store for me, but I would soon find out just exactly what it took to become a United States Marine. I was assigned to Platoon 3064, 3rd Battalion Recruit Training Regiment, and from there my life took a whole new meaning. After boot camp I went home for my ten days and then did Recruiter's Assistance for twenty days and from there I went to Camp Geiger, NC for MCT (Marine Combat Training) and on to SOI (School of Infantry), where I was promoted meritoriously to Lance Corporal. From there I went to Camp Pendleton, Va. where I trained in the MCSF Bn Atlantic. Then as I finished Marine Security Force Battalion school I was flown to Jacksonville, Fl. to my first duty station. U.S.S. Saratoga (CV-60) Marine Detachment. Not long after getting to this duty station and settling into the life aboard ship, we set to see for a MedCruise. While underway we were told that we were going to be participating in the Gulf War. While aboard ship I grew to really enjoying the life as a Marine, eager to learn all I could and be the best Marine possible. I studied and worked hard to learn the job skills of C.O.G. or Corporal of the Guard and it paid off, as I was promoted to Corporal during the Gulf War. From there I received orders to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines in Twenty-nine Palms, Ca. and once I got there they were deploying on a WestPack. The company C.O. asked me where I had just come from and when he found out asked me if I wanted to extend for the pump or wanted to be FAP'ed out to base PMO or Provost Marshall's Office and be an MP. I asked if he would send me down to PMO and he did. Then Somalia came up, so then good ole 1st Battalion, 7th Marines decided that Cpl. Shores needed to come and go with them to Somalia. So I was pulled to 1/7 and off to Somalia we went. When we got back from there I only had about four months left until my time was up. Once back home to good ole North Carolina, I embarked upon my new career, I went from protecting and serving the world to protecting and serving the citizens of North Carolina. I have been a Police Officer now for almost nine years. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and two lovely children. My son has given me the best present a son could give his father, now you must understand that I have never pushed my son into any of my thoughts or wishes, but on December 14th, 2002, he signed his paperwork to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. His words to his recruiter when asked what he wanted to do were... "I want to be just like my Dad, I want to be in the infantry where I can do it all!" Yes, this made an old Devildog get a little teary eyed, and there you have it, the Reader's Digest version of my life. I have come to the realization of one thing and that is that nothing comes easy in life, but it the road is not half as bumpy when you have God walking the paths with you. I should have let Him walk with me long ago, or at least realized that He was with me. Semper Fi to all you old jarheads out there. May God bless you and your family like nothing you have every experienced.

United We Stand     Once a Marine, Always a Marine

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